Memorandum of Understanding

The cost of all sessions is not negotiable. You will be informed in advance regarding all discount campaigns.
There is a 24- hour cancellation notice in effect by email or phone; otherwise, you will be charged. Please understand that frequent and unexpected cancellations disturb the running of a studio.
Please inform the instructor about certain health conditions, physical disabilities, pregnancy, recovering after surgery, etc. Also, please first consult with your doctor and ask for a letter explaining any problems prior to taking Pilates sessions. Please keep in mind that Group Sessions will only be appropriate for you if you do not have any health issues.
Please be on time. Bring suitable clothes for the session. Please consider other members by not wearing strong scents. You are kindly requested to turn off your cell phones and other digital devices during sessions.
Please refrain from consuming alcohol prior to coming to the studio. Food is not allowed in the studio. Water and herbal tea are provided free of charge. Smoking is not permitted on all premises. Possession of any hazardous and illegal substances is absolutely prohibited. Mats and other equipment are provided free; however, please use them very carefully. If you or your child cause any damage to the studio’s property, you will have to make compensation.
We have an age restriction: teenagers under 16-years of age should be accompanied by at least one parent. Also, you can bring your child only to a Private Session.
We do not introduce partners for Semi-private Sessions. Please find your own companion.
Please be respectful to everyone. Avoid rude behavior and inappropriate language. We take any violations of our policies seriously. In some cases, you may be barred from the studio.

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