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We offer Pilates training in three different formats: private equipment, semi-private equipment, and mat group classes.
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Private sessions are customized based on a person’s fitness needs, physiological capabilities, goals, body condition and time availability. There are four major types of Pilates equipment used during private and semi-private sessions in our studio: REFORME, CADILLAC, WUNDER CHAIR, SPINE CORRECTOR.

The following are just some of many benefits of a private equipment session. First, but not least: consistent, delicate, and pain-free attainment of self balance. Other advantages include, but not limited to: safe, gradual and ecological self - understanding and acceptance. You will also enjoy such prerogatives as easy motion, detoxation, release of muscle and mental clench.
You will learn your body features more deeply and precisely through exercises on Pilates equipment.


When two individuals take a class in our studio together, it is called a semi-private session.
An exercise will differ from one person to the next, according to the fitness level, Pilates experience, health restrictions, and age. Plus, the goal of an exercise and the intensity can vary depending on circumstances.
Common experience, mutual achievements and joy of practicing together help to unite and discipline participants.
The spring resistance of this specialized equipment provides a challenging, bone strengthening endurance workout. Best of all, the equipment is easily customizable for a user, which allows individuals to work at an appropriate fitness level. Visible results can be seen after a dozen or so regular sessions.


If you are new to the Pilates, we suggest to take a mat group session for learning the basics before you start in an equipment session.
Through our sessions you will acknowledge your body and become aware of your all senses. Each session starts with breathing, warm up and stretching, gradually leading to the advance level of PILATES. Finally, deep relaxation will be an intrinsic closure of the session.
Pilates mat classes focus on developing core strength, flexibility, balance and stamina. Our instructor presents the exercises for all levels: beginning, intermediate, or advanced.
Group sessions on mat may also be conducted with usage of some props, such as: balance ball, magic circle, stretch poll, flex bands and etc.
No previous Pilates experience is necessary to join a mat class.

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